Sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) in Gainesville, FL

Sublingual Immunotherapy, commonly referred to as SLIT, is an innovative form of allergy treatment that offers an easy and effective alternative to traditional allergy shots.

How Does SLIT Work?
Allergies must first be diagnosed through allergy testing. Once your specific allergens are identified, precise dosages are prepared for you to ingest sublingually. SLIT is accomplished in two phases. During the escalation phase, you place drops or tablets of allergen extracts, which are small but incrementally increasing doses of substances that you are allergic to, underneath your tongue each day. These extracts then dissolve and pass into your bloodstream. During the maintenance phase, the dosage stabilizes.The end goal of SLIT is to reduce allergy symptoms while building up tolerance, or immunity, to your specific allergens.
Is SLIT Safe?
After your allergens have been identified, your allergy specialist can prescribe this therapy with the flexibility to change dosage as needed. Unlike other available allergy treatments, SLIT is so simple that most allergy sufferers can do it in the convenience of their own home rather than taking weekly trip to the doctor’s office.
Is SLIT Effective?
As the immune system becomes retrained through SLIT, the body no longer recognizes former allergens as harmful invaders. This unique therapy is extremely effective at symptom reduction during as well as after treatment. However, unlike most over-the-counter allergy medications, SLIT can actually halt the natural progression of allergies, often eliminating them completely.
SLIT is especially suited for environmental allergies, such as dust, mold, pet dander and pollen. It is recommended to continue treatment for three to five years, depending on the severity of your allergies, in order to fully develop you immunity.
If you are looking for a safe and convenient alternative to allergy shots, talk to your Gainesville, FL allergist to see if SLIT is right for you.