Allergy immunotherapy shots performed by allergist in Gainesville FLWhat is Immunotherapy treatment for allergies?

Allergy immunotherapy is a type of therapy that reduces allergy symptoms by decreasing your sensitivity to specific allergens. It provides a safe and cost-effective means of helping you find relief from your allergy physician, whether they are seasonal or year round.

Do allergy shots work?

Allergy shots may be beneficial for allergy sufferers of all ages, though you should always consult your allergist to ensure that they will not interfere with other health concerns that you may have.

Things to consider when looking at allergy immunotherapy include:

Severity of symptoms
Length of your particular allergy season
Ability to control allergies through environmental factors and medications
Time and cost

How long do you have to take allergy shots?

As with vaccinations, over time your body develops an immunity and tolerance to allergens with repeated doses. The two primary phases are the build-up and maintenance phases. Length of treatment varies from person to person with the maintenance phase typically lasting anywhere from three to five years.

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